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Body Paw-sitive with Pom Pom Chewy

Getting Body Paw-sitive with Pom Pom Chewy

Hey all, my name is Pom Pom Chewy. I am a Pomeranian, I am a Fox, I am a Foxeranian. That is to say, I am half Pomeranian and half Fox. It all started when my pop, a fierce Pomeranian, mistook my mother, a sassy Fox, for another of his kind. They fell in love and hit it up for a while. When I was born I was sent into the human world. My mission: to find a community that accepts me as I am. Now, I’m here to help you!

Alright, we’ve all been there. We have an event to go to and we have NOTHING to wear. I get it, I’ve been there. There is so much to consider. Will this outfit make my fur look flat? Which pair of glasses should I choose? Is wearing sunglasses at night still in? All questions I’ve asked myself and I’m sure you have to. I’ve made this 9-step guide to helping the powerful pup in you stand out!

Body Paw-sitive Pom Pom Chewy

1. Understand your body

Once you understand your body and know how to dress for it you’ll know what works for you and what will compliment your body type. Wait a second… this is straight up DOG POOP! Wear what makes you feel strong, wear what makes you smile. Wear what makes you feel like you can kick ass that day.

2. It’s all about the shoes

Alright let’s start at the bottom. I like to build my outfit from bottom to top. I base everything off my kicks. Are we going converse, tims, bare, or something else? Always choose comfort first then style. You aren’t running 20 miles in those heels, don’t dog yourself. Comfort and style is a thing!

Body Paw-sitive Pom Pom Chewy

3. It’s the fit that counts

We’re moving onto pants, I skipped socks because I don’t really care what’s under your kicks, just keep them clean! Alright, pants. The most important part of choosing a pair of pants is the fit. BUY PANTS THAT FIT! If you’re swimming in your pants you better be in a pool. I personally like clean lines. Honestly, clean lines can make an outfit. And what do clean lines do? Point directly to your awesome kicks. Don’t try to fit yourself into something too small or too big, your size is right- it’s the pant size that needs to change to fit YOU!

4. Today’s the day

Do you keep a scrapbook, Pinterest board, diary with outfit ideas? THROW IT IN THE TRASH! Outfits need to represent how you’re feeling that day. If you’re feeling blue where the bluest damn outfit ever seen! Wake up every morning not knowing what to wear and walk out your doggie door knowing you’re loving each and every day.

Body Paw-sitive Pom Pom Chewy

5. To trend or not to trend

Trends are literally the worst thing in the world. No, jeans with giant gaping holes in them aren’t trendy. Some people may actual like them and to them I say ‘you go glen coco’ but to everyone else who’s wearing them to be on trend… we all know how breezy you’re feeling.

6. Colors of the rainbow

Let’s talk about matching colors. I’ve heard it all, no blue and black together, no white after Labor Day, summer dresses only in July, pair green with ‘eggplant’ purple (ew eggplant ?). Most of these rules were created by the rich in the 1880s to separate old money from new money families. I’m not with separating, WEAR WHATEVER COLORS YOU WANT. Yes, bright-Baby-Spice pink goes with color-of-my-soul black. Trump’s-face orange goes with school-bus yellow. Everything goes with everything if you think it does. That’s the beauty of it. Use your shirt or top to really show off these colours. Go bold, go plain, do you.

Body Paw-sitive Pom Pom Chewy

7. What this outfit says about you

That you’re sassy and fierce and whatever you want it to say about you. No, it’s not saying whatever you think that guy over there is thinking about you. Because that guy is the least important person to your outfit. Don’t make your outfit feel bad. It’s working hard to keep you looking like you want to look so work hard back. If you’re worried your outfit isn’t speaking loudly enough I suggest yelling it while walking. ‘I’M FEELING FRESH!’ etc etc etc

Body Paw-sitive Pom Pom Chewy

8. Accessories want to be your friend

Sunglasses or glasses of any kind are my go to. Match that with a big chain and I’m ready to go. These are my staples. I keep it interesting by having glasses in all shapes and colours. My glasses represent my mood. Do I want to talk to you? No? Thick dark sunglasses. Use your accessories to add to any outfit. This is where you can really go all out. Do you feel like you need a tiara today? You probably do. #kween

9. When all else fails

Go for overalls. It just is.

Body Paw-sitive Pom Pom Chewy

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Peace and love ✌

Pom Pom Chewy

WRITTEN BY: Pom Pom Chewy

IMAGES BY: Nicole Gretes

POSTED ON: Jun 5, 2018




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Body Paw-sitive Pom Pom Chewy

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