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The Shangri-La Hotel Garden Suite

I stayed at the Shangri-La hotel this month and I have to say that it was truly an unforgettable experience. I’ve heard so much about how incredible the Shangri-La is but had yet to experience it. The Shangri-La itself is a fictional place in the novel Lost Horizon by James Hilton. He describes it as a mystical, harmonious place, a utopia isolated from the outside world. The hotel had a lot to live up to and I was excited to see if it would.



Upon pulling up to the valet we were immediately taken care of and ushered into the spacious and inviting lobby. We had our keys in a minute and were being escorted by a very friendly and adoring staff member to The Garden Suite, our bags to join us in a minute. The Garden Suite is one of the signature suites that is offered by the Shangri-La in Toronto. This suite was excellent news for me because it was suppose to have a terrace I could go out on.

Garden Terrace

Exiting the elevator, we passed a hallway that was lined in beautiful encased sculptures. I had noticed so far that every part of the Shangri-La was well thought out and artistically beautiful. We slipped into our suite and words cannot express what we saw! The Garden Suite is open and well decorated. The first thing we saw when we walked in was an inviting swinging chair in the living room. That’s where I parked myself while mom checked out the rest of the suite! While our bags were being unloaded I noticed my very own signature bed and bowls! I jumped from the swing to my bed and boy was it comfy.

Swing Bed

Dog bed

Dog Bed

I ventured around the suite and passed the beautiful marble guest bathroom, the master four-poster bed, walk-in closet, and finally the master bathroom. The jacuzzi inside it was breathtaking, with surrounding windows with a gorgeous view! I knew I was going to swim laps in that beauty!


I finally noticed the terrace. The large large terrace! I ran back and forth on it! The terrace was wonderfully decorated and the plants were perfect.

Garden Terrace

My mom was invited to a tour of the Shangri-La’s incredible Champagne Wall and to a special dinner prepared by Damon Champbell. A little about Damon: Damon Campbell, Executive Chef for Shangri-La hotel Toronto is known for his ingredient inspired cuisine, showcasing local products with a creative global approach. Campbell is a native to Vancouver, Canada where he began his career 18 years ago. His career has taken him across the globe working in four different countries honing his skills and expanding his culinary diversity. Chef Campbell is currently leading a talented culinary team at the Shangri-La, Toronto and bosk, the hotel’s signature restaurant.

Bosk Restaurant

I was happy to stay in the suite with my signature bed and room service! Mom had a lot of amazing food for dinner:

Northern Divine Caviar

donut, shallot, chive, egg, crème fraiche

Gatinois brut Reserve, Champagne, France, nv

Hamachi Sashimi

pickled kombu, raidsh, shiso, yuzu kosho, white soy

Grüner Veltliner Langenlois, Loimer, Kremstal, 2014

Sunchoke Agnolotti

sunflower seeds, wild mushroom, comte cheese

pinot noir, opawa, Marlborough, New Zealand, 2014

Brome Lake Duck Breast

confit leg, beet, pistachio, bitter green, hibiscus jus

shiraz, rockbare, McLaren Vale, Australia 2013 

Mango Passion Fruit Cremaux

lime curd, coconut cream, coconut lime sorbet

Riesling Icewine, Henry of Pelham, Niagara, Canada 2013

Overall I think it was an incredible night for us both. It was truly the most luxurious hotel we had ever stayed in. I cannot wait to get back to The Garden Suite, which I’m pretty sure was made just for me!

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POSTED ON: Apr 20, 2016




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