Tobermory and Blue Heron Co.

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At the end of July, I went up to Tobermory with my family and friends for two nights. We stayed at the Blue Heron Co. cottages, which were the cutest cottages I’ve ever stayed in. They were very well run and maintained and the service was excellent.

From the beginning the staff and other occupants were very lovely. Not only was Blue Heron Co. extremely dog friendly but so was all of Tobermory. All the patios were dog friendly and most businesses were accommodating. The cottages had a beautiful setting, a place to barbeque and a fire pit with benches and precut wood for us to use. There was lots of space for me to run around, we were right on the water and there was a small pond to the other side of our cottage.

Tobermory had the most wonderful wild flowers that were all in bloom when we were there. Blue Heron Co. also runs ferries to the local islands, on our first day we went to Flower Pot Island which had beautiful rock formations in the shape of flower pots.

We visited Cypress Lake in the Bruce Peninsula National Park. I wore my trusty Coyote Vest which kept me safe from all larger wild animals (I’m only 5 pounds you know!) and made every person who saw me smile, some thought I should be in the next Mad Max film!



The town of Tobermory was very quaint and had a nice assortment of shops and restaurants, including an adorable local library. We visited the Tobermory Brewery which brews their own beer on site (my daddy loved it) and tried the local fish and chips spot. The weather was so nice, people were happy and smiling, there was nothing more I could ask for.







On our way back to Toronto we stopped at Eugenia Falls Conservation Area. This area was the first “Fools Gold” rush in the area. We tried to look for our own fools gold but no luck! We did a quick stop at Grey Roots museum as well.




Overall the trip was lovely and I highly recommend the Blue Heron Co. for not only housing us and giving us a ride to Flower Pot Island but for helping plan our trip and activities and being so incredibly nice and accommodating. We felt like part of their family in the end and will be going back soon!





Photos by @lisa.eats

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Peace and love ✌

Pom Pom Chewy

WRITTEN BY: Pom Pom Chewy

IMAGES BY: Nicole Gretes

POSTED ON: Jul 31, 2016




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