The Westin Harbour Castle


My Stay At The Westin Harbour Castle

Lots of my family and friends stay at The Westin Harbour Castle when they visit the city. I had never been but had always been curious. This past weekend I was lucky enough to visit The Westin and I was beyond excited.


As I drove in with my mom and dad we were greeted right away and taken to the lobby. The Westin is quite large so there were lots of people milling around. Usually this would be overwhelming but there were so many people to help direct us and get us settled that it felt very warm and in control. There were also lots of elevators so we never had to wait for long.


We stayed on the 22nd floor in a lake view room. I highly suggest the lake views because it was spectacular. You never realize how busy the water is until you can see it from on top. Sail boats, cruise boats, every kind of boat, planes taking off from Billy Bishop Airport and more. The hotel had a lovely set up just for me! With a bed (obviously the king size bed was also mine), bowls, treats and doggie bags.

My mom and dad were especially excited to try all the hotels amenities. The Westin Harbour Castle is definitely the place for the active person. The have a pool, tennis courts, basketball nets, hockey nets and more. They have athletic equipment you can rent so it doesn’t take up space in your suitcase, the have running partners to guide you on runs around the city. Anything you could want to stay fit on your trip.

Me, I was happy lounging on my two beds all day.

After they had had their fill of athletic stuff I dragged my butt out of bed and we headed for a walk. What is nice about where The Westin is located is that its right on the water and near the ferries. It takes no time at all to jump on a boat to the Toronto Islands. We went for a walk on the boardwalk by the lake where there is always something going on. We saw musicians, knife jugglers, fire throwers, magicians and more. It is such a wonderful place to walk.

When the sun had set we headed back for my mom and dad to try Toula, The Westin’s Restaurant. I went straight back to my comfy beds. Sometimes in the king size one, sometimes in my smaller cozy one, sometimes one on top of the other. Toula has 360 degree views of Toronto and Lake Ontario. They said they had a wonderful meal and the views were spectacular. Lots of people were having parties and there was even a wedding.

We had a late night as a family and went to bed happy and full (me from all the bacon treats The Westin had given me!). The next morning we had breakfast in bed (which we ordered the night before and was there on time and steaming hot) and checked out. It is always sad leaving such a great staycation but we’ll be sure to be back!

Thank you so much to The Westin Harbour Castle for such a great experience!

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Peace and love ✌

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WRITTEN BY: Pom Pom Chewy

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POSTED ON: Aug 31, 2016




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