The Grand Hotel

The Grand

My Staycation At The Grand Hotel

When I found out we were going to The Grand Hotel & Suites for a staycation in Toronto I was beyond excited. I didn’t know that much about the hotel yet but I do know I am always ready for a little rest and relaxation. (It’s hard being an Instagram celeb you know!) My mom told me about all the exciting things we were going to do when we got there so I packed my bags a week in advance!

The Grand Hotel

A week was a long time to wait! The morning of I was waiting at the front door ready to go. It was a quick drive for us and soon we were driving past the front of the hotel. It was very grand and impressive. I wondered how such a small dog like myself wasn’t going to get lost. To drive into the parking lot we pulled through this adorable cast iron gate and down a ramp.

We took the elevator up to the lobby from the parking area. The doors opened into a very open and beautifully decorated lobby. The center chandelier was elegant and wonderfully large. The flower arrangements were unique and modern. We were greeted with smiles and hellos by the women behind the check-in desk. They all took turns saying hello to me and even called the other employees from the back to greet me as well. I felt like a superstar!

The Grand Hotel

Off to the right was the restaurant and bar Citrus. My mom would be enjoying dinner there later in the night. Citrus has wonderful reviews online so I knew she was excited to try it out.

We got up to the third floor and were instantly amazed! The ceilings on the third floor were twenty feet high! It was very breathtaking walking down to our room with the multiple hanging chandeliers and nice carpeted floor. We entered our suite at the end of the hall and once again we paused to take it all in. The high ceilings continue into the suite which sported a full kitchen including cutlery and plates, a stove, oven, fridge, dishwasher, sink, coffee maker, toaster and kettle. Everything you would need to dine in your room, which at the moment I never wanted to leave.

The Grand

A spacious living and dining room area and a beautiful writing desk shared the bottom level of the suite along with one bathroom. Yes, you heard me right, bottom level. There was a lofted bedroom surrounded by windows and a second bathroom up the stairs. His and Her closets and a second desk area. Both the living room and bedroom had a TV with DVD players and cable. The bedroom had a full king size bed with one of my favourite things of the staycation, four king size pillows! I can tell you I slept well that night!

The Grand

Off the dining room was a large terrace with a sitting area, perfect for sitting in my robe in the morning. It overlooked the cute park across the street.

The Grand

We unpacked our things and were getting ready to explore the hotel when we heard a knock on the door. A young man had come to deliver me a surprise treat and bowl package all nicely wrapped up! I was very happy.

The Grand

I was able to go everywhere in the hotel (except the restaurant, which is totally understandable, as you may know I’m a very messy eater!) We explored the incredibly beautiful pool area where I lounged on a chair as my mom went for a swim and dip in the hot tub. There was a wonderful spa and fitness centre as well! The perfect home away from home.

We discovered the rooftop which has an incredible view of the city and sports two hot tubs.

The board rooms were neat and just the right amount of fancy. I also had the pleasure of being fitted for a suit by EPH Apparel. The two men who fitted me were gentle and experienced. I chose my own material and everything!

Board Room

Pom Pom Chewy

That night my mom had dinner with a friend at Citrus, the restaurant off the lobby. She said she had lamb and it was very good. So were the cocktails! (I was a little jealous but I was enjoying my treats from the hotel!) They also had drinks at the hotel bar and ordered a bit of room service. They seemed very happy about it all, I was just trying to sleep in my king size bed surrounded by my king size pillows.

Pom Pom Chewy

It was a late night for all of us after another visit to the rooftop at night, such an amazing view of the Toronto lights! They had music videos playing on a projector over the hot tubs and the ambiance was lovely.

We fell exhausted on the extremely cozy bed and fell asleep instantly. Breakfast ran until 10am so we woke up around 8:30am, make ourselves coffee (well I don’t drink coffee but I do like the smell) and sat on our terrace together. It was a chilly morning so we wrapped ourselves up in robes and cuddled.

Pom Pom Chewy

A bit later we hit up the breakfast bar for a buffet style breakfast. The hotel was bustling with last minute breakfast eaters. It was a great spread of food and drinks. Everyone was very much enjoying their food. It was a bit chilly out, like I said, but the patio was open with enclosed portable walls and heaters. I can imagine the patio being absolutely gorgeous in the summer if it was still this lovely in the winter.

We snuck in another visit to the pool, before we checked out, where I got my serious lounging on. The ceiling in the pool area is a stained glass beauty.

Finally, and reluctantly, we packed up our bags and headed down to the lobby to check out. The morning staff were just as welcoming and warm as the staff from the day before. All the service we received was just wonderful. It was with sad faces that we said goodbye to The Grand Hotel in hopes that we would be back soon for another staycation.

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Peace and love ✌

Pom Pom Chewy

WRITTEN BY: Pom Pom Chewy

IMAGES BY: Nicole Gretes

POSTED ON: Apr 10, 2016




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